I've always wondered what would happen to turn people into Zombies that would only affect certain people.

Did you know most people in America believe that there could be a zombie invasion someday? When asked they said something like that could happen because of the chemicals we eat and nuclear weapons.

So, if the KOOL staff turn into zombies, here's what to do according to zombieplace.com

Experts believe that Solanum (the virus that causes the re-animation of the dead), resides in the frontal lobe from where it controls the basic motor functions for an undead corpse to operate. Therefore, the goal should be to penetrate the frontal lobe destroying brain cells in that specific area. Another way of killing a zombie is by bludgeoning. Here, you do not need to have any special tools, a simple rock would do if used properly. The goal is to simply beat the brain into a pulp. For this, the main requirement, besides strength, is a strong stomach as you will be forced to see, hear and smell a human brain splatter all over you. They say, choose a weapon, go for the head, don't miss!!

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