There's a new Starbucks location in Duluth and it sure is beautiful. The doors officially opened Friday, December 14th.

In case you didn't know, the new location is situated on the corner of Central Entrance and Myrtle Avenue. If you aren't familiar with the area, the address is 320 West Myrtle Street in Duluth.

The Starbucks location that was across the street from the Miller Hill Mall now occupies the new space.

This new location is ideal with a drive-thru option AND nearly 60 places to park.

I went Friday morning to check it out and I was super impressed! Take a look around at the new spot.

New Starbucks Opens In Duluth

As if this news wasn't great enough, you can also score free Starbucks every single day in January if you purchase their new tumbler cup.

If you're hungry after your morning pick-me-up, you can head down the block to the new sub shop that opened just a few days prior to this new coffee shop location.

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