Capturing a natural disaster on a video camera or cellphone is one thing, but to see one through the objective and unassuming eye of a security camera is another altogether. Often times there is no buildup, no panic; it's just business as usual until that one moment when it's not. With some speculating that natural disasters are on the rise, it's surely just a matter of time before more of these awe-inspiring videos roll in.

  • Tornado Strikes St. Louis Airport

    Though this tornado tore through the St. Louis airport on a Friday night, the airport was up and running again the very next day.

  • Tornado Hits Iowa Bank

    This tornado left a paper trail as it tore though this Iowa bank.

  • Tsunami Hits Sendai Airport

    Last year's Japanese megaquake caused massive flooding at the Sendai airport.

  • Pakistan Earthquake

    Not even an earthquake could throw off these stylish sliding glass doors.

  • Tsunami in American Samoa

    Sometimes gated parking simply isn't enough.

  • Earthquake in Chile

    It may look like the only thing shaking is the camera, but this Chilean earthquake measured a staggering 8.8.

  • Christchurch Earthquake

    This footage gives a whole new meaning to rolling back prices.

  • Colorado Tornado

    Watch as these Coloradans race to move their cars as the tornado approaches.

  • Joplin, MO Tornado

    Trampolines have a rep for being dangerous, but nearly as dangerous as this twister.

  • Leighton, AL Tornado

    Other than the American made pick-up, these cars are no match for the high winds.

  • Tornado Hits Alabama Hardware Store

    Violent weather from a tornado was flooding Chattanooga, TN while simultaneously causing heavy damage to the Gulf Coast. This security camera caught the effects of the tornado as it hit a hardware store in Alabama.

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