Grandma’s Marathon founder and former executive director Scott Keenan ish shedding light on one of the biggest races in America today, with a new book.

"My Journey to Grandma’s Marathon: History and Heroes"  mostly looks at the people involved like Dick Beardsley, Garry Bjorklund to journalists who covered the race like Kevin Pates. Scott Keenan spoke about his book on the “Gearing Up for Grandma’s” podcast, admitted that the writing process was not easy and when he went about looking at the evolution of the marathon, it was always the people that helped him along the way.

In a press release he told Grandma's Marathon that the longer he was doing the marathon it got bigger, he thought he should include the world, try and get all the top runners and that came with the rest of the world responding. Keenan went on to say that he wanted this race to take running to a new level in Duluth, and he is proud at what it has grown into.

The full “Gearing Up for Grandma’s” video podcast featuring Keenan will debut as part of the virtual 2021 Essentia Health Fitness Expo at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 17. During Keenan’s tenure, Grandma’s Marathon grew to be one of the largest marathons in the country and has over 20,000 runners that race and come to Duluth. It was his vision that got a volunteer-led marathon to be about the city and its people rather than just a race.

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I know I could tell you all kinds of stories about Scott. I know when I was a kid i was afraid of him and I didn't understand him, but volunteering over the years and getting to know him, I see it was not fear he wanted me to feel it was the respect he was trying for and that he wanted me to feel like he did.

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