I don't even like getting on social media anymore, or reading the news, sports, or entertainment. Everyone is fueding or "throwing shade" at each other. So much negativity is on the internet. Why can't people post good things, or helpful things about each other. Lately I have been posting good things or things that move me just to combat this new trend.

Who is angry at who, who is better than who, why this person is ugly, why this person is fat. That's all I am reading lately and I'm tired of it. So I found a facebook page that has a great idea for this years New Years Eve.

You could start it now, but Power Of Positivity says to start on the first day of the new year. Get a large empty jar, write something good that happened that day. Then open them up and celebrate good things. You could even take it a step further and put in notes about each family member or friend and read them. It forces you to remember the good times and smile.

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