As hearty Minnesotans, we laugh at the way that winter affects people in other parts of the country.  Snow?  Ice? Those sort of things close down roads and cities with even the slightest amounts forecasted elsewhere - but here, we just leave for our destination a few minutes early and use common sense. We get through it with no problem at all.

Perhaps it's that common sense that also comes into play when it's time to battle winters cold temperatures, stay warm, and - at the same time - save money on our heating bills. We're not saying that we 'love' the cold weather, we've just had a little more time to embrace it and accommodate.

Let's face it - winter's cold temperatures bring an increase to our heating costs; it's a given.  But in true Minnesotan-fashion, it seems like we've found ways to adapt, grin and bear it, and succeed when Mother Nature sends her very best our way in the chilly months. We've even found ways to prep our homes prior to the winter heating season.

Saving money on energy costs in the winter really isn't hard.  There are all sorts of resources available with tips, advice, and suggestions that can be practical in nature. Most of them are low to no-cost, easy enough to carry out, and can have measurable results on the monthly utility bill.

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So what are some of these tips and strategies that Minnesotans use to save money on their winter heating bills?  What can you learn and use in your household?  Read on for some 'warm' ideas.

Save Money On Heating Bills Like A Minnesotan

One thing every Minnesotan knows: Home heating bills go up as the temperatures outside go down. Here's something else Minnesotans know: How to save money on their heating bills. Get expert tips direct from the source.

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