With Gas so high these days, everyone is looking for ways to save a couple of coins here and there. Here are a couple hints for you to do that.

Obvious things are, walk instead of drive, don't do stop and go driving if you can, work out a plan for your course. Car pool!!

At the pump, avoid gas rated E15. The E is for ethanol, which has about 30 percent less energy than gasoline and kills mpg. (Ethanol-free gas is rare today; you'll probably have to settle for E10.)

Avoid traffic pinch points when you can. Driving at speed is more fuel efficient than creeping along in low gear.

While at the filling station, inflate your tires properly and check them for uneven wear. And steer clear of those stickier, wider performance tires, which increase road friction and can sap mileage per gallon. Instead, opt for eco-focused tires, which reduce rolling resistance.