Investigators in the Sandy Hook shootings have revealed that Adam Lanza, the kid who entered the school and began his shooting spree was found with ear plugs in his ears. One can speculate but there are more questions than answers. Here is was is bothering authorities.

If he was worried about his hearing, then why did he commit suicide? One answer police are bringing up is that it was habit. His mother taught him to shoot and that is a habit she does, start by wearing protection for eyes and ears.

Another answer is that he didn't want to hear any screaming or sound from his victims, which is very scary to me. This means he did have some remorse but in order to carry out his plan he didn't want to hear the pain he was causing. Which again shows it wasn't about protecting his hearing.

According to the Daily Mail Some patients with Asbergers have a high sensitivity to loud noises. Though it has never been confirmed Lanza has the disorder, many who knew his mother Nancy - who was his first victim after he shot her in the face at their home - said she struggled with his mental problems.

Fox News reports that Adam Lanza was jealous that his mother may have loved the students at Sandy Hook more than him.

Whatever the answer it is a reminder that we still don't understand the human mind.

The shooting of Miss Rousseau's car, and her subsequent murder, raises questions about whether the teacher was specifically targeted.