A rare opportunity came up for the Duluth based company to take their talents south to show the whole state.

The MN State Fair Sent out a mailer to fill out and chose the comedy troupe to come down and perform in the North End, next to The Hanger. A part of the MN State Fair that has been revamped.

To celebrate 10 years of Rubber Chicken Theater who celebrate their Anniversary this December, they will perform "Christmas in July…in September!” Producer Brian Matuszak says they will be performing some original Christmas Carol parodies to get everyone in the holiday spirit a good four months too early. There will be an ode to MPR Raccoon, Minnesota music icon Bob Dylan will stop by to “croon”, and there will be a medley of tunes celebrating that most wonderful time of the year: road construction! Which anyone in the state can celebrate.

There are some other things coming up that Brian talks about in the interview, to commemorate 10 wonderful, laugh-filled, years of Rubber Chicken Theatre.

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