This year there is more than one thing happening on Christmas Eve. Santa comes and Rubber Chicken Theater will go caroling.

This time of year there is usually some kind of shenanigans being put on by the Rubber Chicken Theater. The production involves making fun of something local, national, or world worthy that happened this year. What is there to make fun of? Plenty, if you know the Rubber Chicken Theater.

The Production is called "HERE WE COME A-QUARANTINING, OR, WE'LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS." The production will be virtual on Christmas Eve on the Rubber Chicken Theater's Facebook page. This year you can do as much drinking before, during, and after as you want because you will already be at home. (It might make more sense too!!)

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In an interview with Brian Matuszak, he said, "Here We Come A-Quarantining, or, We’ll Be Home For Christmas" is a short, virtual production of original Christmas carol parodies about the Pandemic, like including spitting into test tubes at the DECC, or Politics like the Minnesota Republicans, and lots of other things that belong in Lake Superior or a dumpster fire.

The show is written and performed by Anna Vogt, Tate Haglund-Pagel, Jeremy Churchill, Minden Hultstrom, Anders Hultstrom, Quentin Roth, Nathan Payne, Chris Nollet, Greg J. Anderson, Cathy Podeszwa, Kaylee Matuszak, and Brian Matuszak. Linda Bray will play the piano, additional material written by Cheri Tesarek, and the show is magically edited by the magical Jadie Schwarzkopf magically, with magic.

Brian says you have to log into Rubber Chicken’s Facebook Page starting at 7 pm on Christmas Eve, click on the Events tab, find the show, then wear whatever is comfortable (or don't wear anything) drink what you want (and how much you want), and enjoy original comedy set to the tunes of carols.

The best part Brian says is that on January 1, the show will move to Rubber Chicken’s Youtube Channel and you can drink, be naked (or wear PJs), and enjoy the show all over again, just in case you had too much to drink the first time.

Here's the thing, the show is free but normally this is a fundraiser to pay for stuff they need to be funny and put on more productions, so they are asking for donations. You can use Venmo @RubberChicken-Theater

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