A popular brand of egg noodles is being recalled over the potential for allergen concerns.  According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, Riviana Foods, Inc. is voluntarily recalling 19,931 cases of their Ronzoni Smart Taste Extra-Wide Noodle cellophane packages.  The potential problem stems from the fact that one of the ingredients - eggs - is not listed on the packaging.  Eggs have the potential to cause allergic reactions and other problems with some people.

At the present time there have been no known medical issues arising from the Ronzoni egg noodle product.  The voluntary recall has been instituted to get ahead of any potential problems.

The recall was called when it was discovered that the food product contained eggs as part of their ingredients - but the packaging didn't note that in the list of ingredients.  According to the FDA, "[s]ubsequent investigation indicates the problem was caused by a temporary breakdown in Riviana’s packaging review processes.

The Ronzini Smart Taste Extra-Wide Noodle's affected by the recall were distributed between March and August 2020.  Th product size is 12-ounces, with a UPC Code of 713000 05008.  The manufacturing codes of the packages being recalled include:  MAR3022H, MAR3122H, JUN0422H, JUNE0522H, JUL2422H, and JUL2522H.

Riviana is instructing grocers and retailers that they should segregate the affected product from the rest of their stock and wait for one of their sales representatives to provide further instruction.  Consumers who may have the affected product are instructed to not eat them, and return the product to the store they bought it at for a full refund.

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