I first met Rod Stewart shortly after he released "Maggie May." I was standing behind the stage watching his warm up act, when I  heard conversation going on behind me. I turned around and Rod was standing directly behind me, with two drop dead gorgeous girls, one on each arm. "Hey mate" he said, and we had a short conversation. I asked him for an autograph but neither of us had anything to write on. One of his girls produced a matchbook and pen from her bag, and he signed it. "Enjoy the show" he said as he climbed the stairs to the stage. I still have the matchbook.

With his autobiography coming out tomorrow, I thought I'd touch a few topics that caught my fancy.

Rod gets discovered.

Rod got his start quite by accident. He was discovered by a legend in England at the time,  Long John Baldry,  while standing on a train platform while playing "Smokestack Lightning" on his harmonica.

Meeting Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck

One of the best clubs in London during the mid sixties was the "Cromwellian." On any given night you might see Jagger, McCartney,or  Burdon, strolling in for a drink or to check out the band. Rod met Jimi Hendrix there, as well as Jeff Beck, who at the time was considered better than Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page. Beck had just left the Yardbirds and was looking to start a new group. Stewart joined him, and the band took off.

Meeting Janis Joplin

Rod's first tour in America was with the Jeff Beck Group in the late sixties. During the tour he met Janis Joplin, who Rod says "was by no means a shy woman" and was chasing him around trying to "snag" him, without success."The whole group was terrified of her."

Chasing With Ronnie Wood

Rod's best friend in those days was Ronnie Wood who later became a Rolling Stone. Rod and Ronnie would invite some groupies to their hotel room from time to time. As they both shared the same hotel room, in order to have some privacy, the boys built a wall between their beds with suitcases and furniture. As they were going about their business, Ronnie would make a silly noise, and  Rod would make one back. This goes on and on throughout the whole ordeal, both Rod and Ronnie making a joke out of the whole thing. As Rod put it " to be a groupie with me or Ronnie, you would have needed the patience of a saint."

I've enjoyed the book thoroughly, and special thanks to the Daily Beast. I highly recommend it to all. Pick up a copy at your local bookstore or click the link for Amazon. Enjoy.

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