Rickey Lee Biggs has built a following for doing the standards, and doing it well. When you listen, you are transported back to the days of Sinatra and the likes.

He can present Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, you know the crooners. The men and women who sang love songs from the classic era. Rickey Lee Biggs grew up with those singers. Even though he is very well versed in rock and roll, he has carved out a place for himself. He also proves you don't need a big set up in order to entertain a large group of people. I watched him transform a restaurant into a small theater as he weaved through the classic songs that he does so well.

Rickey Lee Grew up down by the cities and watched his Dad get ready for gigs. He played accordion in a band and would get ready by putting on a sparkly jacket. Music played in the house too so Rickey was used to it. He said he loved the classic singers until the Beatles came out. That was a game-changer.

What did Rickey learn over the years? It became the Best Music Story when he told me about a band he was in went to one of the bandmates house to enjoy a home-cooked meal, and it all went bad. His Mom was pure Italian and made homemade food from the old country, and they all ate too much. They paid for it later when they were too full to play well and burped in the mic all night.

Rickey puts on a great show and loves what he does, and you can tell when you go see him. When he plays again I will have it on the radio for you to go see him. Connect with Rickey down below.

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