It seems no matter how poor us kids were growing up, we all had a toy or two. My favorite  as a kid was a big, yellow Tonka road grader. Man I loved that thing, I would play with it every day, building imaginary roads and stuff. I wish I still had it, because retro toys are making a big comeback according to the  Toy Industry Association.

Building sets like Logo are really hot..sales grew twenty per cent in 2012. Tinkertoys is celebrating their 100th birthday this year. No longer made of wood, they are now using durable plastic and even bendable pieces including rods, spools, and washers.

Cabbage Patch Dolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bozo the Clown outdoor games and even Scuffy the Tugboat are back and selling like crazy.

Crayola has new kits for making crayons, Play-Doh has a new fluffier formula called Bubber whick never dries out, and Kinetic Sand is back as well.

K'Nex is offering glow in the dark roller coasters as well as construction sets based on Angry Birds, Pac-Man and Super Mario.

Great toys of days gone by are a hot new trend for kids today, and parents enjoy them too!