Pets will do their own thing, sometimes just a little freedom to take a run once they get off their leash.

There are those times they don't come back. Then the family has to look for them. Where do you turn? I'm afraid we won't be helpful at the radio station, that is something that stopped years ago. If we were to announce lost pets, we would be talking about that all day and nothing else. Doesn't make for interesting radio.

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Now, will political season coming to a close there is a group of people that have been helping to find lost pets. The signs stating who you want to win in the elections have been up for good use, Take them down and put them to good use again.

Fox 21 reports this group says in order to find lost pets, people put out signs with their phone number and the name of the pet. Sometimes they need to be noticed and so they use political signs in the back of those signs in order to get people's attention. Vote for this person, now find this lost cat with that person.

The Co-Administrator for the Missing Pets In The Northland told FOX 21 News:

“So the main reason we do signs right away is for external awareness because so many people see a dog or a cat walking down the road and they don’t think anything of it but if they start turning the corner and every major intersection has a picture of that dog or cat then they’re going to be like oh I just saw that dog,”

Sometimes the candidate wants their song back, so check with them first, but if they don't, it could find a lost pet. Wouldn't you like to know Joe Biden is a friend of the dogs, or that Donald Trump found your cat?

If you would like to donate, visit the Missing Pets In The Northland Facebook page.



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