I know of one record store in the Duluth Superior area still selling releases, and most of the releases are on vinyl.

In my opinion, maybe Record Store Day should go by the wayside, do people really visit a record store? Where do you go when you want to buy physical music?

The Electric Fetus is the only one I know. There are used cd and record stores around the area but Record stores are dropping by the wayside. I used to work at Tower Records in Nashville and little by little I watched them get rid of records, tapes,  and other media, then they closed. Some of it was money, some of it was they couldn't figure out the internet sales thing.

Record store day was supposed to be on April 13th. Now it is moved to June 20th, which is the same day as Grandma's Marathon. So, there won't be a big celebration in front of the Electric Fetus, there will be people running in front of it all day.

There will be some special releases coming out on Record Store Day. One of them is David Bowie. According to the Record Store Day Website, The very first Record Store Day started on April 19, 2008, now there are almost 1400 record stores around the world that celebrate except in Antarctica.

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