Homeowners have been using this homemade spray and claim it works for 60-80 days.

Well-known radio show host Paul Harvey supposedly talked about a mosquito spray you could make yourself. I could not find it, at least not the one he talks about. When I searched recipes, I found one very close that homeowners have been using for 20 years. Homemade mosquito yard spray is intended for outdoor use and says it can keep the creeps away for 2-3 months. Some people make the claim it keeps other bugs away and it has a nice odor.

This recipe and applications are from MyHousePests.com. They also give Paul Harvey Credit.

1 bottle of blue mint mouthwash (you can buy any big bottle of mouthwash you like, no matter how cheap it is. For example, “Equate Blue Mint Mouthrinse”)
3 bottles (per 12 oz) of stale beer (take the cheapest – it works as well)
3 cups of Epsom salt

How to prepare homemade spray against mosquitoes

Pour beer and mouthwash into a container (an old saucepan, a bucket), stir and add the salt. Mix up the stuff properly until salt is dissolved. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Shake well before use.

Application directions of Paul Harvey anti-mosquito spray

Spray your backyard areas where you sit or spend lots of time outside: on decks, in patios, and in alcoves around benches, on and around front porches, around pools, ponds, and fountains. If you are camping out, spray directly on the lawn grass, around, and on the tents. It won’t do any harm to children, pets, flowers, and vegetable plants. Do not allow anybody in the treated area until the spray is dried out. This mosquito repellent wipes out blood-sucking insects from sprayed areas for about 60-80 days.

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I checked whether this is a hoax or not and snopes.com says it works

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