A production company in the U.K. is on the hunt for men who are well-endowed.

A casting call has been issued for men with large penises who are willing to participate in an upcoming documentary series about their sex lives.

"We’d like to speak to people about their positive and negative experiences of having a large penis, or being with someone who has one," Spun Gold, the producers of the documentary Too Large To Love, posted online.

The new British series seeks to reveal the realities men who have large penises face when it comes to getting intimate.

"A recent survey found that nearly half of the male population wish they had a bigger penis. So, a bigger penis, a better life, right? Well, not always," the casting notice reads. "A brand new documentary is to discuss the hidden problems of living with a very large penis, how it affects all aspects of life including your sex life, and what help is out there for those in need."

Eligible candidates must be 18 and over. These men of any ethnicity or sexuality who have a large member must be willing to talk about their sexual experiences "in a manner that will be appropriate for general adult audiences and will not be pornographic," Wales Online reports.

"Nudity will be involved in the production," the outlet notes, but participants are not required to show their penis on TV.

Although many men equate bigger to better, according to TheHealthSite.com, there are actually disadvantages to having a large penis.

Some disadvantages include problems finding pants that fit; not being able to hide an erection; fear of hurting your partner during intercourse; and feelings of insecurity.

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