One month ago, Judd, my son-in-law,  stops over to our house and notices the dishwasher is leaking. Mrs. Rayman calls me in a bit of a panic and tells me the dishwasher has been leaking for some time, and water has seeped under our hardwood floor. Part of the floor has got to come up, just how much was a mystery at that point.

I get home later that evening to find the kitchen floor half torn up, shop vacs abound and dehumidifiers and fans strategically placed where our table used to be, trying to dry out part of our floor. Stacks of wood were piled in our living room, some salvageable, some not. Judd stops be next day and tells us the bad news. More of the floor needs to be taken up, and we could even need a new floor. We continued the drying out process for the next couple days.

Next day was the start of my vacation, so we decided to repair the dishwasher. At this point my brother-in-law Tom joins in, and inspected and ordered replacement parts for the dishwasher. They arrived ten days later, but were the wrong parts, so we reordered. The new parts came in seven days, we installed them and turned on the dishwasher..still leaks,so we ordered more parts.

While all this was going on, new wood had to be purchased. It was a problem to match our existing pieces, but after several trips to various places, we got it matched perfectly. Could not install it however until the dishwasher gets repaired. The new dishwasher parts arrived, but still did not fix the leaking problem. After several beers, it was decided to buy a new dishwasher.

Mrs. Rayman picked out a new dishwasher right after Christmas. After two calls to the store it was finally delivered Friday January fourth. Sunday Judd, Tom, and myself attempt to hook it up. No way can it be done without redoing the plumbing. We called it a day and had more beers. So here we sit a month later, with a torn up kitchen, new floor waiting to be installed, and we still need to redo the plumbing to hook up the dishwasher.  I think the only one making out in this whole ordeal is the appliance dealer and the liqueur store!