I am a huge fan of Kit Kats, but not so much of pumpkin pie so I will take a hard pass on these, but for those of you that are fond of both here you go! It is almost that time of year for everything pumpkin or pumpkin spice to start popping up everywhere, a true sign that Fall is on it's way. Even candy bars are feeling it.

Back in 2017 Kit Kat first released the pumpkin pie flavored candy bar but it was only available in very limited markets, which we all know is genius because it makes them in higher demand. But for this Halloween season they are going nationwide.

According to Delish.com these limited edition Kit Kats are made of the same crispy wafers, but they are covered in pumpkin pie flavored cream.You can start collecting the bags of this rare candy bar starting in August. But for some of you, you might want to stock up so you still have some left in October.

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