So many people rushed out to get toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, and masks, now they might not be able to bring them back.

According to KFAN, there's a proposed bill in New Jersey that would prohibit people who intentionally hoarded those items from bringing them back. The Bill would make it illegal to return items you purchased to prepare for self-isolation. says the New Jersey Assembly passed a bill last week that would make it illegal to return groceries and other supplies. If you did try it could be a fine up to $20,000. goes on to say that Sen. Dawn Marie Addiego, D-Burlington,  says people panic bought all these things with the intention of hoarding and now that they have them in their possession could be endangering other people. Her worry is the virus could live on the items people have purchased, thus once they were returned they could spread the coronavirus once they are returned to the store.

Right now the bill covers items like toilet paper, cleaning products, dairy products, meat, and produce. The first offense is $10K, the second offense is $20K.

The bill passed the Assembly and now goes to the Senate. Many states are looking at this bill as something for their state too. Look for other states adopting bills just like this one to combat all the hoarders who caused panic in the grocery stores and among people thinking they won't have enough supplies once they are quarantined.

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