For many teenagers, attending prom is one of those events that holds a special place in their developing years.  Proms can also be expensive to attend - especially for some Northland families that are already struggling to get by.  A new collaboration between a consignment shop and the Superior Senior High School seeks to change that.

Recently, the Family Services Program at Superior Senior High School was at the receiving end of a large donation; Angie Kiminski - the owner of Angie's Closet - donated 30 formal dresses to be used by students who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend their high school prom. While the school has been able to offer a selection of formal dresses to those in need in the past, this donation goes a long way towards making sure that everyone who wants to go gets that chance.

The school is always open to accepting donations. If you have a formal dress that is clean and in good shape and you'd like to donate it to the cause, just drop it off at the main office of Superior Senior High School during normal operating hours.

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