Summer time is "picture time"!  Today's digital cameras make it easier than ever to snap those pictures into memories that will last a lifetime.  But cameras are also prone to being lost or mis-placed.  Hopefully - if yours was ever lost - it would be returned by a kind-hearted person.  But how would they know the camera is yours - or how would they contact you?

Here's an idea:  Write your name and contact information (phone number, email, etc) on a sheet of paper.  Then, take a picture of it - making that image the first one on the camera.  Usually - if a good-hearted person finds a camera, they go through the photos that are already on the digital card to search for clues at to who the owner is.  By snapping a picture of your name and contact info, the finder of your lost camera would have the information they would need to reach out to you.

Good luck!