If you watched the second presidential debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you know the undisputed MVP was red-sweatered audience member Ken Bone. We’ve all basked in Bone’s glory, but turns out the man used to be in a Christian rock band.

Minutes after the debate ended, Ken Bone was trending on Twitter, with all of America seemingly rejoicing in Bone’s essence. Mr. Bone’s timid appearance, bright red sweater and question about remaining environmentally friendly while minimizing job loss have made him a star. Bone even landed himself an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Thankfully, the tale of Ken Bone doesn’t end there. A friend of Bone, Joshua Burkett, took to Twitter and boasted about once being in a band with the debate sensation:

Burkett responded to a few questions, revealing he played Christian rock covers with Bone, who apparently took more than a few ladies to the Bone Zone:

Burkett even shared an old photo of Ken Bone:

Loudwire would like to extend an open invitation to the one and only Ken Bone. Ken, come to our studio and show us what you can do on the drums! We await your response.

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