You are so proud of your child, you have a sticker on your bumper "My Honor Student Goes To X School". The popular decals that show each family member and how many pets you have is the worst. It tells them what you do and other things you might not think about.

For instance, Dad is in the military (this means he is gone alot), all the kids are soccer players, now the thief just needs to find out what day they play and when you are gone. Mom is a doctor, most likely she is gone too.

Some other things to remember, don't post on Facebook that you are on vacation. When thieves know you are gone and they have been paying attention to your schedule, they will hit your house.

Other stickers like what you believe in tell them how much money you have or what you might own and then they tail you.

According to The FBI reports that in 2012 there were over 2 million burglaries in the us - almost 75% were residential burglaries. It's something to think about - but others say they are not too worried about a little sticker pride.

So, next time you want to tell people you are going to be gone on facebook and hang a Disneyland or bust sticker on your car, think twice.

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