Police release a picture and description of a boat that ran ashore on Park Point and has no identifying numbers on it.

According to a press release, this morning at 8:20 am,  Duluth Police responded to the 1900 Block of Minnesota Avenue for a report of a boat that washed ashore.  This appears to be a Scandinavian Style boat.  Several authentic oars were removed by police and were safely stored.  No identifiers were located on or in the boat as to its ownership. We did receive any calls regarding a water emergency related to this discovery.

With nothing to go on except the pictures were taken at the site of the boat run ashore, there is nothing to go on. To me, it looks like there is a sail in it and the police say they took oars out of the boat. If this is someone's boat, surely they would have noticed it was gone.


Duluth Police would like to get this back to its owner.  Please contact the Duluth Police Department at 218-730-5400 if you have information or are the owner of this boat.

Missing Boat

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