This year KOOL 101.7 is proud to be your Bayfront Blues Festival radio station. When you are planning ahead to bring things you will need to the legendary music fest, here's a list of things that are allowed, and things that aren't. Those of you that go every year, you know some of this, even if you do, it's good to brush up.

Some of this list is on the Bayfront Blues website, some that seasoned vets have shared:

  • You might want to bring a rain poncho or umbrella, I think it has rained at least one day or half day every year.
  •  You are allowed a camping chair, or stroller. (One chair per person), they are discouraging a chaise lounge, tanning chair and no beach blankets.
  • People have been bringing games to pass the time in between acts. Bayfront is recommending some headphones or a book, games are not allowed.
  • You can bring a bag or purse, but you must submit to a search before you get in. Obviously no weapons. You can not bring in your own drinks or food, there is plenty of places to get both, and they are very good.
  • Keep in mind if you bring a bag or purse the Bayfront Bluesfest is not responsible for lost items and with a chance of rain one of those days, leave valuables like pictures at home.
  • You can bring sunglasses and binoculars to see better, but you can not bring anything to make your own home movies or recordings. Besides you are there to see the music and be a part of the Blues celebration.
  •  A good idea is to bring a jacket, sunscreen, lip balm, extra socks just in case things get wet. Dress appropriately, for hot weather, but be prepared for it to turn at a moments notice when the wind comes off the lake.
  • No pets unless they are service pets.

For a full list and details on refunds click here.


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