In 2005, the members of Pink Floyd set aside their decades-long feud with exiled founding member Roger Waters and came together for a momentous (and, as it turned out, final) performance at Live 8.

Keyboard player Richard Wright’s death in 2008 closed the door on any further Floyd reunions, but the performance has led to a handful of collaborations between the surviving members — such as the 2011 concert where Waters was briefly joined by David Gilmour and Nick Mason. Now, thanks to the band’s YouTube channel, you can see some of the moments leading up to the show.

The black-and-white video offers a six-minute window into preparations for the performance, including moments both humorous (Seeing David Gilmour on top of the Wall, Waters good-naturedly quips “try not to dive off”) and heartfelt (the shot of Gilmour resting his head against Waters, captured above).

All in all, it’s a touching tribute to the way music can form a lasting bond — stronger than time, distance, or years of public acrimony. While the video is cast under the undeniably poignant shadow of Wright’s death, it’s still wonderful to see the guys letting go of old grudges and coming together to do what they do best. Whether or not you’re a Pink Floyd fan, the clip is worth watching — check it out below.

Pink Floyd Behind The Scenes: O2 Arena 2011

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