Helping give credence to the fact that there are still good people out there, an anonymous person has given a charitable gift to a Duluth school that will go a long way towards maintaining the nutritional needs of our kids.  Piedmont Elementary School was recently the recipient of a donation that closed out all of the unpaid lunch accounts for the year.

According to our news partners at WDIO, the anonymous donation was the result of a husband giving his wife a Mothers Day gift:  "Principal Beth Shermoen said a man stopped into the office a couple weeks ago and asked her about the unpaid breakfast and lunch accounts."  It soon became clear that the person wasn't just inquiring about a specific account, but rather all of them.  School staff calculated the total - which came to $2,209.  The gentleman later returned with a check for the entire amount.

While the donor wanted to remain anonymous, he did elaborate that it was a Mother's Day-related gift.  He asked he what she wanted and the donation was what she requested.


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