Most people have so many passwords they tend to reuse them to remember, here's a list of things to watch out for.

According to Wiki How, there are some things you should avoid. Your kids. No, that came out wrong. Don't use their birthday, their hockey team name, their school, anything about them because it's too easy to guess. Anything family, for that matter, is too easy for someone to guess and can hack into any of your accounts.

One thing people are using a whole lot more is area landmarks or things around the city. If a person were to research Duluth or Superior, they could come up with some easy landmarks and make a guess. Don't use Enger Tower, Aerial Lift Bridge, Iron Ore, Bong Bridge, Shipping, or Lake Superior to name a few.

No matter how many times you read about it and even Mcafee says people still do it. They pick 123456 and password as their top picks. Those are two the thief is going to try first.

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Here's a way according to Wiki How to pick a name or landmark you know and get away with it. try replacing vowels with numbers. You can still use Enger tower as a password but make it look like this, 3ng3rt0w3r. Once you add some punctuation and some other fancy signs, you can use family member's names, pet names, or even Lake Superior as your password. Still, try to avoid using the word password.

Now all you have to do is remember what you did to make it safe to use p0th0le! as a password to get into your email.

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