Instead of "Frampton Comes Alive" - it was Frampton (be)comes angry on Sunday, as he performed in Red Wing, Minnesota.  During a show at the Treasure Island Casino, Peter Frampton halted his performance twice over the video content that was being shown on the big screen monitors behind him.

According to the Star Tribune, the video images were of a fan in the crowd holding up album covers of two of the 70's rocker's most-famous releases: Frampton Comes Alive and I'm In You.  After the second outburst, Frampton swore into the lens of the camera and walked off stage.  Frampton commented after the first outburst that the video image (and the resulting cheers from the audience) had interrupted his concentration during a guitar solo.

Frampton came back onstage to finish the set after the video cameras were turned off.



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