Well, here we are again, with a plea to pet owners that can't pick up behind their pets, and the rest of us either step in it or see it on the nature walk.

Now, I know the argument. Poop is of nature and its natural habitat is in nature. Um, NO! Poop is from the behind of your pet and shall be your responsibility. I wrote an article a while ago entitled "There Is No Poop Fairy, Please Pick Up After Your Pet", hoping to appeal to pet owners to take a pro-active approach to when their pet has to relieve themselves and leave a dookie. I don't think it worked.

The City Of Duluth Issued a press statement entitled the same thing, they have some City of Duluth Staff and students that will venture out in our great city to collect none other than waste left by people that couldn't be responsible.

This Sunday, April 11th, from 10 am to 1 pm. The City staff and six students from Harbor City International School will be collecting the turds. They will begin in the Hawk Ridge area creating a visual display with the waste they collect to show what a problem this is. It will only be for a few hours but is meant to make a point. Clean up after your pet. All it takes is bringing a couple of plastic bags with you and picking them up, then tossing them in the wastebaskets. (It might require you to carry them for a little before you see one.)

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The students from Harbor City International School get it and want to do something about it. They came up with the idea in order to make a point and inspire people to do better. The gesture to pick up the dog piles will improve parks, green spaces, and water quality. Once they make the pile of dung, the display will be properly disposed of by Parks Maintenance on Monday, April 12.

The students will be putting up signs at seven trails around Duluth. If you are also finding this a problem and say something on social media, you are encouraged to use #nopoopfairy. If you do write something and use the hashtag, you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to A PLACE FOR FIDO, a roll of Mutt Mits, and a waste bag dispenser.

So please, take the first step, clean up after your pet. If they could use the toilet, they would. If you are a responsible pet owner, make the effort to keep the area clean, or teach them to wipe and flush.

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