The city of Duluth is warning people to stay away from the Lake Superior Lakewalk. It is windy and the lake walk is slippery.

I am seeing people down there any way filming the lake and the waves that are coming over the canal and waves coming over the rocks and landing on the benches and icing over the walk.

I would also warn people to stay away from the lake and the rocks. The canal itself has water coming over the sides and crashing into the lighthouses. I saw one film that showed people taking pictures and getting hit by water coming over the canal and hitting the Aerial Lift Bridge.

It's not a good time to go to the beaches either, water is high and dangerous to get near as well. The worst thing I've seen is people driving over the canal using their phone camera to take pictures and videos.

According to a press release by the City of Duluth, the parking lot by the Lake Superior Maritime Center was closed yesterday due to standing water and icy conditions.

Instead, people are encouraged to see the lake from a number of live webcams here.


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