After a scathing review in the Duluth News Tribune on August 4th of the KISS concert at The AMSOIL Arena, Paul Stanley is voicing his own opinion.

The review has gone viral, with the start of the article stating"It's extremely uncool to like KISS, these days. And, if we're being honest, the hate is pretty justified.". The article went on to say "Plus, their music – the thing that they ostensibly exist to deliver – just ain't that great. Really, since the late 70's, they've mostly trafficked in lecherous, brain-dead glam metal and reheated hard rock filled with doltish double-entendres and empty sloganeering."

Well Paul Stanley must've caught wind of the poor review, and has since tweeted out a reply.

The KISS frontman, who has over 250,000 followers on twitter, tweeted the article out and called out Tony Bennett, who wrote the review. The Duluth News Tribune put out a 'Reader's view' piece on August 8th that was in response to the review.

For anyone who attended the show at AMSOIL Arena, what were your thoughts on it?