School is back soon, watch these youtube parents sing their appreciation.

It's not an easy or well paying job to be a teacher. Most teachers don't get the lip service they deserve, or the respect they deserve. These parents gave it to them, with a little humor.

I watch this family and they are funny, and original. They have handled all sorts of subjects and don't just sing, they have funny vids about the husband wearing a bra and having to deal with every day life like his wife does.

It's open season on everyone too, whey they poke fun, they do it to each other. No one gets away with anything. They have been doing this for a while too.

How to apply sunscreen, how much the husband screws up, the short comings of being a Mom. What you did as a child of the 80s, and make your kids live through it too. They even have their own website.

Penn, the husband, is a veteran of the tv business, and runs a studio, whom he runs with his wife, Kim. They have two kids together and they all perform together sometimes.



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