A Texas-based manufacturer of ready-to-eat tamales are recalling almost 2,000 pounds of the product due to mis-branding.  The brand name of the food being recalled is Padrino Foods Beef & Sirloin Tamales Homestyle In Corn Husks - according to the United States Department of Agriculture; the products in question actually contain pork.

At the present time there have been no adverse affects or medical afflictions.  The tamales products are completely safe to eat - they are just mis-labeled as being beef instead of pork.  However, because they are mis-labeled, the company is suggesting that customers not consume the product. They can be thrown away or brought back for return from the store they were purchased at.

For more information - and to view the label that is on the outside of the package - click here to visit the USDA website.  Along with details about the Padrino recall, you'll also find a variety of information about all of the current food-related recalls.



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