Jack Osbourne will likely never forget the past week, as he got married, celebrated his mother's 60th birthday and ended up rescuing a drowning woman in Hawaii.

Ozzy Osbourne's son was in Hawaii for both his wedding and his mother's birthday, but was definitely not expecting to play hero while on the trip. Jack's new bride says that Osbourne and his friend Tyler noticed the woman in distress out in the ocean and were able to rescue her before an ambulance arrived.

In a pair of tweets, Stelly reported, "Really proud of Jack and his friend Tyler who saved a woman on the beach yesterday who'd had a heart attack and drown. They resuscitated her until the ambulance came. We just found out she's in a stable condition! Awesome!"

Osbourne, who came to fame on his family's reality show 'The Osbournes,' has also appeared in the law enforcement reality series 'Armed and Famous' and oversaw the filming of a documentary on his father called 'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.'

Osbourne and Stelly became parents to a daughter back in April, and he was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis earlier this year.

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