I took Sam to a Duluth Huskies baseball game, little did I know this would be a big night for him. We ate some food and then watched the beginning of the game from the area by the right field line. He kept saying to me, "Dad, wouldn't that be cool if they hit the ball to me and I caught it and got it signed by the whole team?" Little did he know what was in store for him.

We made our way to the other side of the stadium so he could pitch and play the games that all the little kids were playing. He grew tired of it and we sat in the bleachers for a while to cheer on the Huskies.

It was KISS night and so Sam wanted to win KISS stuff, including an autographed cd from KISS. We listened as they called other names instead of ours. We noticed there was no one by the right field wall again and all the foul balls were going that way, so we went back.

Shortly after arriving there in the 7th inning, a foul ball was hit our way, zinged over our heads and bounced into the hand of a man enjoying a beer with his family. He promptly caught it one handed and walked it over to give it to Sam. I offered to buy him a beer but he could see the enjoyment already in Sam's eyes. Sam thanked the man and immediately a Huskies Intern came over and told Sam to wait around that he could get it signed by the whole team. He was just talking about that a couple hours earlier. Now the dream was going to come true.

I only thanked that man shortly. What he did meant so much to my son. It was all he talked about for the next couple of days. He stood in line and got every Husky to sign his ball. It was like being in THE NATURAL or FIELD OF DREAMS. I felt happy for Sam and watched as he just beamed.

That's the way life should be, people being good to one another. In the midst of people shooting and beating each other around the world, my son Sam lived in a dream thanks to a man who will never know what a difference he made in a person's life.