Now that the decision has been made to demolish Duluth Central on the hill, I think it's time to set up the last tour or two for the former students.

This June marks 10 years since the final class of seniors graduated from Duluth Central High School, and I have seen red since the "Red Plan" was put into effect. My memory is that the school was closed because we didn't have enough students to have three public high schools and that Duluth Central was going to be sold, and it was a done deal. It wasn't a done deal.

If they can't take us through the school maybe they could hire someone, or me for free, to go through the school and take pictures for history. I've seen some from past tours and it's creepy. It still looks like it did. It's not dilapidated or run down, it's just the way I remember it.

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The part that angers a lot of former students is the fact that there have been offers to sell the building and have been turned down. Most of them from charter schools. The reason they were turned down is that the Duluth School Board said they are competing schools. If they don't get in Duluth Central, they will get in somewhere, who cares if they compete, we can't use their money?

There was so much money spent to give the school a football field, baseball field, some extra buildings for classrooms. Let me ask this question if it was declining why did they build extra buildings?

Ok, I digress. The Biggest point I am trying to make is, don't destroy the building before the former students or curious public get to go through it and also, take pictures so we have a record the building existed, and people can properly say good bye.

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