I think everyone has a favorite pizza place from their hometown.  ...You know, a local establishment that's not a chain...and serves one-of-a-kind pies.

A Mississippi man was recently visiting his old hometown in Massachusetts and ordered some pizzas from his favorite restaurant to go.  150 of them!

The manager of a Massachusetts pizzeria said a former resident's order of 150 pizzas to take home to Mississippi is likely the restaurant's largest order ever.

David Schuler said he likes to stock up at Town Spa Pizza in Stoughton whenever he visits family members in Massachusetts so his family in Jackson, Miss., will be able to enjoy the pizzas for months, The (Brockton) Enterprise reported Monday.

Schuler said the frozen pizzas he loaded into his vehicle Friday comprised his largest order at the restaurant, beating his previous record of 100.

"But to pick up 150 pizzas to bring back home, that's definitely a Town Spa lover," Hughes said with a laugh. "He's definitely No. 1."

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