I'm going to warn you. I am not a dancer, I have no rhythm, and my attempt at the moon walk may make the Michael Jackson Estate sue me.

Here's how it went down. I was with Sam in Minneapolis last year and they called some Dads up on stage and had them dance and gave them shirts. We watched the Dads and they were not that good.

Sam turned to me and said, Dad you could do that. I replied that I didn't think so. He made me promise that I would go on stage next time they call up the Dads for a dance-off.

So last weekend, they were asking for Dad's to come on stage for dancing. Well, I remembered a promise I made to Sam and headed up on stage.

When it became my turn I had to dance to "I'm Too Sexy" so I attempted some slick dance moves and it didn't come off in my body the way it did inside my head.

Here's the video.

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