Sue Shelerud has been in the Nursing profession for 38 years and has evolved in her career, learning, nursing, now teaching, and shares her thoughts on being a nurse.

She started her nursing at St. Luke's school of nursing and loved her job. It was a different time when she looked at her choices in high school. There weren't many choices for women at the time, but she wanted to go into nursing. One day her life changed with a note from a patient. She was told with her training and experience she should think about teaching.

She is teaching at LSC now and feels that she wants to challenge her students because they might be caring for her family and says she likes to hold the bar high. She is now working on some new ideas and new programs.

Nursing has changed over the years and Sue likes the challenges of always learning and passing on the knowledge, and also believes in a hands-on approach. Here's what she had to say.

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