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I've been seeing this boy named Jay Nick on Facebook being shared for people to help, so I did a little searching on how you can get involved.

WDIO first reported on Jay Nick. Jay Nick was diagnosed with a brain tumor in early March. Where the doctors at Children's Hospital said he needed surgery.

WDIO is reporting that he has the Duluth East Varsity Basketball team on his side, they sent a video message before their season was canceled.

He also has his own CaringBridge site so you can donate and so that you can follow how he is doing and his progress. Today it said that he had a rough time and was vomiting. His Doctors changed his meds and he felt better. He was also able to eat a little homemade food and keep it down. He was also able to go for a walk. There is more because the family is keeping everyone up to date.

There is also a Go Fund Me site if you would like to donate. There is also a short story about Jay and how they found the tumor.


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