Whether you agree with her politics (or her fathers', for that matter) - you have to hand it to Meghan McCain:  She truly says what she means and doesn't mince words.   In a world filled with politicians and celebrities that fashion their words and actions to please their desired target, McCain has made a career out of doing just the opposite.  Open, frank, and brash (but in a good way) - she makes no apologies for her opinions.

Now as her new book:  "America, You Sexy B***: A Love Letter To Freedom" gets ready to hit the shelves, she continues to deliver exactly what she's always promised.

The book will surprise only those that have not followed her since the 2008 campaign.  She has kind words for Hillary Clinton, but spares no mercy on what she thinks of husband Bill and his cheating ways.  She also opens up about the role that Republican Karl Rove played in her father's 2000 race for the Presidency.

Meghan McCain dishes in new book - MJ Lee - POLITICO.com.