Even James Bond finds the time to tweet when the news is important.

The official 007 Twitter account was recently updated with some very interesting release date news for those looking forward to seeing 'Skyfall' on an IMAX screen... or really any screen at all. Turns out we'll be able to see the flick in theaters before its official November 9 release date. So, how early will the Sam Mendes-directed film drop in? Find out after the break!

'Skyfall' will open on IMAX screens only one day ahead of it's US debut date of November 9. (Okay, so it isn't a drastic difference.) On November the 8, you had better believe that every IMAX theater in the states will be flooded with fans anxious to see Daniel Craig butt heads with Javier Bardem. Is Sony hoping to set an opening day IMAX record? Open to discussion.

Meanwhile, we've got a new international TV spot for 'Skyfall', titled "Word," (as in, "Do you have any word on Bond?") as well as brand-new banner featuring the "Q," played by Ben Whishaw. That comes straight from Bond's Facebook page. The man is very current.

So, to recap: 'Skyfall' hits US IMAX theaters on November 8, and regular screens November 9. What'd you think? Good news? Maybe checking out the latest 'Skyfall' TV spot below will get you more amped.

And don't forget about that new "Q" banner...

'Skyfall' Q banner