Lovers of Vietnamese food will have another option in the Twin Ports sometime later this year. A vacant building at 309 E Central Entrance, which used to be a Domino's Pizza until they moved downtown in 2017, will be the home of this new restaurant.

The signage on the building was just recently put up, and there is currently no other information available about a potential opening date, or what the name of this restaurant will be. A quick search of job openings around the area didn't show any listings either, which generally is an indication that an opening isn't too imminent.

Another question is whether this is a completely new restaurant, or if it is an expansion or relocation of a current Vietnamese restaurant. With details being as limited as they are, we'll have to wait and see. Current restaurants in the Twin Ports offering Vietnamese food include Oriental House Restaurant in Downtown Duluth, Taste of Saigon in Canal Park, and PhoCali Vietnamese Family Noodles Restaurant in Superior.

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