Northland farmers who mow and bale hay on state right-of-ways will want to brush up on the new deadlines and regulations set forth by the Minnesota Department of Transportation - set to take effect in January 1, 2017.

In general, farmers will need to submit their application earlier.  Landowners who want to mow on right-of-ways adjacent to property that they already own need to apply for a permit before the end of January;  on February 1, all others may apply for permits to mow on state right-of-ways.  MNDOT will review, accept, and approve permits on a first come-first served basis.

Also, farmers will need to manage when they bale the hay they cut in right-of-ways as MNDOT has changed the length of time the cut grass can remain before being baled.

Full details about mowing and hay permits can be found on this resource page on MNDOT's homepage.