Nothing ruins a good meal more than flies.   While there's not much that can be done about a fly-ridden picnic or outdoor barbecue, a new invention hopes to eradicate the pesky flies from your next restaurant visit.

If you think about it, flies would be the PR-nightmare for a restaurant;  Nature provides them and there's not a whole lot that can be done tastefully about getting rid of them.  But, what customer wants to be stuck at a restaurant table with a swarm of hovering house-flies?

Ecolab - a name that's well-known in the science world - is debuting their new invention this week at the National Restaurant Association Hotel-Motel Show in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Called the STEALTH Fly Station, it seeks to eliminate flies before they enter a facility.

The STEALTH Fly Station is a dark, reflective device that uses multiple stimulating characteristics to attract and eliminate flies around the exterior of a facility before they can become a problem inside. The device can be placed near common fly areas, such as dumpster corrals, to discreetly keep flies from interrupting daily operations. The STEALTH Fly Station also helps reduce pesticide use, resulting in a lower impact and more sustainable approach for the environment.

If the product delivers as promised, it could revolutionize pest control in restaurants and businesses.  Who knows, if economics allow - perhaps a "home-version" could be on the horizon.


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