Calling all coffee lovers: a brand new coffee shop has opened right here in Duluth and it looks awesome.

There have been many exciting additions to the Lincoln Park area over the past few years, as it has become a really great spot to grab a meal or a drink. There are even more exciting new additions on the way, too!

A brand new taco shop has begun construction on the lot of the old Westside Pet Clinic. The spot is called Hungry Hippie Tacos and there is already a location in Grand Marais. They aren't just an ordinary taco shop either: they have a unique frybread taco that has made them a huge fan favorite all across the Northland.

Now, they are opening up shop right here in Duluth. They were set to open in January but had to wait on certain plans to be okayed by the city. They are hoping to open in March, in which case we will be full and caffeinated!

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It looks like the caffeinated part will have to come first, as the new coffee shop is officially open as we speak! 190 Coffee & Tea opened their doors to the public on Friday (January 21st) and I couldn't be more excited.

The shop is located at 1831 West Michigan Street, right inside the Enger Lofts. The decor for the shop looks really cool and modern. It also looks cozy which means it could be the perfect place to hang out in the wintertime.

190 Coffee & Tea will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. every single day, which includes weekdays and weekends. Their website gives more insight into the space, which will have not only coffee and tea but also cascara and pastries. Yum.

The website also states that the coffee will be "handcrafted" by top-trained baristas that are passionate about making the perfect cup of coffee. The shop has also teamed up with Zenith Tea Works to provide a wide variety of teas if coffee isn't your thing.

190 Coffee & Tea will also offer cascara. I have to admit, I didn't know what that was at first but the website states that it is a coffee by-product that can be consumed hot, iced, sparkling or blended.

A few other fun facts? The shop serves Duluth Coffee Company products and treats from Duluth's Best Bread every other day. They also rotate their pastry flavors so you can get a new flavor every time you go!

My mouth is drooling just thinking about the pastries and the coffee. Plus, if you get a treat from here, you are supporting a local company which is awesome. If you go grab a drink on opening day, you also have a chance to win a cool coffee cup.

Another new business that is opening in Duluth very soon is a popular cookie shop called Crumbl Cookies. They aren't opening in Lincoln Park but they will be open near the Cub Foods location on Central Entrance. There isn't an exact opening date just yet but we are on it!

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