Just about everyone I know with a smart phone, pad or what have you...has Angry Birds. There are shirts, hats, back packs.....just about anything is being sold. One of the most popular games on the market. Thursday (tomorrow) the new version comes out.

Welcome to Bad Piggies. In Bad Piggies, instead of shooting with a slingshot, players build vehicles that help the characters get the birds' eggs.

On the Rovio website, the company said this will breathe new life into the old game and re brand the company.

"We see Bad Piggies as a long-term brand-building exercise. In three years from now we want to see Angry Birds and Bad Piggies as strong vibrant brands out there," Petri Jarvilehto, head of gaming at Rovio, told Reuters in an interview.

Rovio is also expanding into merchandising, modelling its long-term strategy on Walt Disney Co by selling a range of stuffed animals and other toys, as well as branded playground equipment which then bolster branding for its games.


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